Filion Moschofilero
Ανθώδες, καθαρό αρωματικό δυναμικό, κυριαρχούν ο λεμονανθός και το αγιόκλημα με ελαφριές νότες από ροδοπέταλα. 
Κατηγορία: Π.Γ.Ε Πελοπόννησος (Προστατευόμενη Γεωγραφική Ένδειξη)
Προέλευση: Μαντινεία
Ποικιλιακή σύνθεση:  Μοσχοφίλερο 100%
Aλκοολικός τίτλος:  12% vol


The Mantineia zone with vineyards at 650 meters altitude in a unique ecosystem of the area surrounded by two large mountain ranges characterized by summer rains and low temperatures.

In this ecosystem, Moschofilero, the most classic Greek red variety, is understood in a special way.

Moschofilero Koroniotis comes from contracted vineyards in Partheni of Arcadia.

Characteristics: Fruity with pure aromatic potential dominated by rose and lemon blossom. Fresh, light, crisp with a rich fruity taste and very good balance.

Color: Light straw green

Food pairing: Moschofilero definitely loves acidity and goes well with any kind of salad as it stands worthy next to vinaigrettes. Anything with lemon goes to him, from lemon chicken to lemon steamed clams. Another interesting combination is with fresh white cheeses that have acidity such as xinomyzithra or galotiri. The rosé versions are perfect for oily foods with tomato or lemon but also pasta with light vegetable sauces. Sparkling goes well with fried seafood such as prawns and calamari but also with shellfish such as quince.