Koroniotis Winery | Panorama Argolida Winery


Kyriakos Koroniotis was born in Argos in 1958. He studied Chemistry and Natural Sciences in England and the Netherlands and then worked in various laboratories as a chemical engineer, gaining experience in Agriculture, the food industry and oenology.

Upon his return to Greece in 1990, he founded an Agrodiagnostic center where he dealt with soil, wine and plant nutrition analyses, while at the same time he created 2 vineyards, one in Mycenae Argolida with the Assyrtiko variety and an experimental one in Panorama Argos with various varieties.


In 1999 he started working on his dream of vinifying his own wines in a privately owned winery and a year later in 2000 the need to express his creation and love for wine became a reality with the establishment of the winery in Panorama Argos.

He is dedicated to quality and personally guides the winemaking process from bud opening to harvest to bottling. At the same time, he carefully maintains the vineyards in excellent condition using his agricultural and soil background.

As owner and winemaker, Kyriakos Koroniotis, creates the wines to achieve an authentic Greek style with a depth of concentration of fruit and flavors.


of winemaker Kyriakos Koroniotis is to create wines that express the holistic concept of terroir, its variety and personality.