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The privately owned vineyards of the "Koroniotis Winery" winery are located in Mycenae and in Panorama Argos (in the wider area of the winery) where they are cultivated with the Greek white varieties Assyrtiko and Malvasia Aromatica, which have found excellent hospitality in the dry thermal climate of Argolis, giving a valuable raw material resulting from the uniqueness of the microclimate, expressing the character of the variety and the philosophy of the winery.

Particular attention is paid to the good condition of the contracted vineyards in the zones of Nemea, Mantineia and Mountainous Aegialia. Cultivation and viticultural practice are determined following close collaboration between the respective viticulturist and the winemaker Kyriakos Koroniotis.

The starting point for the selection of vineyards is the vineyard, with its particular characteristics that contribute to the creation of wines with an identity.